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Huawei Factory Code Database NCK

Read Information To Decrypt Result Caution:

1. Make sure that your phone only needs NCK. If your phone is simlock blocked, do not use this service as it only gives NCK and NO REFUND if your phone needs reset key or SPCK etc. (Network SIM Unlock NCK (10 attempts left))

2. we do not accept any video proof for non working codes. No Verify / No refund / No cancel on this service strictly. Junk IMEI/Wrong IMEI NO refund.
This is NEW Decrypt method since May 6, 2019!!! Do read the service information to get codes.
Now result is AES Encrypted, NOT DES Encrypted like before!

Result example:
8673810204779xx U2FsdGVkX1+t4P9DayRWETRCg3VtWmpd49YdkKJfPio=
8615890303592xx U2FsdGVkX19mVPZz6xMn4KLCwWKxtAvkOSyCNC+oG7k76tw/j5/z1HFL7jx/o6k2
8663680438912xx U2FsdGVkX1+YSyB4wG3S3E4zggv5dO1mTfsjR5OESCxdANEUVQr5jCaDX+WSlRkI
The results given will be AES encrypt format. Use des encrypt & decrypt online page, to decypt, you will get all levels codes.
Online AES encrypt & decrypt:

How to use it?
copy our results (Example Above: U2FsdGVkX1+t4P9DayRWETRCg3VtWmpd49YdkKJfPio=) and paste string in the right blank, then click "<解密" button. NCK will show in the left blank.


1-5 days

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