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Huawei Gmail / FRP Remove Reset Key Service

Sample Result:

Unlock Instruction 1:
- download and install this software
- first very important install minimal_adb_fastboot and open .exe when ready
- after .exe opened connect phone in fastboot mode
- when phone is connected put command like this format "fastboot oem get-psid"
- when you can put this format "fastboot oem get-psid" after you got it correct imei number

1. setup and open the minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4.1.exe
2. connect the phone with fastboot mode
3. put the command like this format "fastboot oem frp-unlock VO9NJEI2REPJLYMK"
4. output result will be unlocked

Unlock Instructions 2:
1. extract erase_tool and open the fastbootet01.exe
2. connect the phone with fastboot mode
3. put the key in frp pwd field and click unlock frp
4. output result will be frp unlock success

- No cancellation if delayed
- No refund for wrong code complaint
- No video proof accepted, No investigation
- No verification
- No refund for double IMEI
- No refund for junk or test IMEI

1-48 Hours

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