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RIFF Box 30 Server Credits

You can use these RIFF Box Server Credits to purchase three activations *:

eMMC Support Activation

Clone Activation

PKG License Activation

For RIFF Box with "Account Expired" message from server, activations are required and they are not free.


RIFF Box Server Credits allow you to:

Update RIFF Box firmware for a period of 1 year

Access RIFF download servers for a period of 1 year

Receive support on RIFF forums

Please note that buying these credits you get 1 year access to firmware updates and download server. In a year, when your activation (credits) expires you’ll have to renew your access.


RIFF Box Server Credits - Activation’s Prices:

eMMC Support Activation - 30 credits

Allows you to use “JTAG Manager v1.58” software with ISP/Direct eMMC support.

Note! To be able to work with eMMC interface you have to upgrade your RIFF Box.

Clone Activation - 60 credits

Converts your clone box into an authentic RIFF Box.

PKG license - 30 credits

This is a permanent activation that allows you to create repair packages (PKG files) and sell them to other users. Please note that a valid license for RIFF Box and 1.58 or higher version is required to use this option. The activation enables access to RIFF download server and ensures support on RIFF forums.

1-48 Hours

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