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Inferno Tool Activation To Inferno Dongle

1. Please ask your Client to “Download” & “Install” & “Run” latest ver of Volcano Software from support area
   1.1 Here is link for Download latest ver:  (
   1.2Please make sure your client download correct software for their respected Device. For example if he have “Dongle” then he have to download “Inferno software for Inferno key”

2. After run
   2.1 IF your client’s Inferno software is working then ask him to send you Complete serial which can be found Button of the software

 **Serial Number starting from “308” is of Inferno key****
  After “-“ 4 or 5 digits are Activation code. For example.. please check the picture

It have Serial number 608000004 & 004n is activation code (activation code is in case-sensitive)
2.2 If your client’s inferno is not working ( Expired ) & giving this kind of error

Then ask him to give you lock code and activation code.
   Please pay attention on lockCode: 6080000041005. Last 4 number is error code 1005 means client’s infernoKey or Volcanobox has been expired.
   ****Serial Number starting from “308” is of Inferno key****
   2.3 when you will active inferno Software for “Inferno Key”  from “Serial numbers” you don’t have to write complete error code. You just write “308xxxxxx for inferno key”

3-Now you have serials and activation code for activation. Please have a look how you could active
   3.1-Activation from Expired key (which show serial number with error code)
      From InfernoKey (lockcode: 308XXXXXX1005 Activation code: XXXXX)
   3.2-Type serial number 608XXXXXX (for activation don’t type “1005” from error code) in “Dongle ID”
      And type “Activation code” in “Active Code”
   3.3-If you type Serial number & Activation code for “Infernokey” then click on “Activation Dongle”

Your Activation will be done

1-24 Hours

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